torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2015

Saksalaiset työharjoittelussa / Germans in work practice

Teksti (text): Lotta Rönkkö ja Marika Tuovinen 9C sekä saksalaiset työharjoittelijat (german pupils)
Kuva (picture): saksalaiset oppilaat (german pupils)

Saksalaisten kokemuksia työharjoittelusta Kuopiossa / Experiences from work practice in Kuopio

Franziska Rosenboom worked in Primary School
"I worked from the 6th of febuary till the 12th of febuary.
I was in a Primaryschool, with a English and german Teacher. I followed the English lessonsand told a bit about myself. one day I teached in a German lesson. I red the new vocabulary with them and the new text.  Then they had to do exercises and I helped them and I corrected them. The children was very sympatic.
I liked it very much and it was very interesting to see the Finnish lessons.  I enyoed it here!"

Lea Appfel worked in Kindergarten
"I have work at a kindergarten in Kuopio.
In my group was 13 children and one of does can speak english . We have make funny things and play many games .
The time in my work practise was a nice and funny time . The children are so sweet and the time there was very intresting and wonderful.
I was in a for school group and the children was 6 years old. We have read and sing together.
Every morning I was there at 8:30 a clock and then I was play with the children. After the playing at 9:00 a clock we sing songs and read a little bit. Then the children learn things in playing games. At 10:00 a clock we draw pictures and make many other things. After this at 12:00 a clock we go to eat and after the eat the children are go sleeping. At 14:00 a clock the children are wake up and we play games. My day ending at 15:00 a clock.
It was so funny and all people was so friendly to me."

Nina Rust and Marie Horstmann worked in German kindergarten
 "We had our work experience in a german kindergarten in Kuopio. There were three kindergarten teachers; two of them spoke german, the other one only finish and english. In the kindergarten were about 15 kids. Some of them spoke a little bit german but not that much. Among themselves the kids spoke only finish.
The daily routine was every day the same. In the morning we had the morningcircle at 9 o’clock.
Then the kids went outside and we laid the table for the lunch at 10:30.
After the lunch, we had free time for one hour.
We were at 1 o’clock back and played with the kids.
And we had little tasks, like clean the table or buy anything in the supermarket for them.
We liked our work experience, it was funny and we hadn’t communication problems."

Birka Marieke Seeneck worked in horse stable
I have done my work experience in a horse stable. It was realy nice there. But there was one problem, the people in the stable can’t speak english or german and they speak only finnish to me. I have done there normal stable work like cleaning the stable and take the horses inside and outside. I also can ride a horse. I realy liked it there.

Tim Schuder worked in school
"I made my Work expierience in   a school. In the school there wasn’t so much thinks to do but it was funny.
When I had a Task I have to   help the children .
I like to work with children and it was very good .
I also work in a little shop and I have to put things in the in shelf .
it was very fun.
I work also in the kindergarten and it was nice I love Finland and Lotta is the Best. "

Adrian Grond worked in Kurkimäki
"I do my work experience from the 6th February 2015 to the 12th February 2015 in Kurkimäki. On the 6th February I went to the Kurkimäki primary School and I watched the lessons from the students and if they needed help, then I helped them.
On the 9th February I went to the pre-School in Kurkimäki and watched the lesson and go out with the children.
On the 10th I went to the Kindergarten of Kurkimäki and play with the children and go outside with the children.
On the 11th and the 12th I went to the Kurjetar Shop in Kurkimäki to help the leader in the Shop and do things like cleaning the floor and put things in the shelves."

Daniel Wilke worked at a loyer
"As I was in Finland, I finnished an work expierience. Eetu(my exchange partner) searched for me a working place at a loyer. Kalevi Pitkänen is a nice guy, but he didn`t had work for me. So 90% of my working time was chilling around. The other 10% I helped him while he was cheking some things from the clients. I think it is a nice job, IF you can do all the things yourself."