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Working practice in Germany

Text: Sini Tossavainen and other working practicers
Pictures: Working practicers

Working practice in Germany 23.9. - 1.10.2013

This year it was possible for Minna Canth school's ninth class students to make their work practise in Germany. There were ten of us who went there and while there we stayed with host families we knew from last year's student exchange (http://huvituskoululehti.blogspot.fi/2012/12/vaihto-oppilastoimintaa-in-finnish.html,  http://huvituskoululehti.blogspot.fi/2012/12/vaihto-oppilastoimintaa-saksaksi.html). Our working places were quite different if compared, but most of us worked for local kindergardens or elementary schools in Osterholz-Scharmbeck.

Topias Tammi
During my time in Germany I worked at bicycleshop. My work included changing broken tires, fixing brakes, fixing gears etc. I even got to build rims and fix spokes. The bicyclestores staff was nice and I got well along with them. Sometimes we needed a translator, because it was hard to name all the tools and parts of the bicycle, in english.

Jussi Ollikainen 
While I was in Germany I work at kindergarden. My work included playing with kids and taking care of kids outside. I helped the employees set the tables and clean up places. The boss of the kindergarden was the only person who knew how to speak fluent English, whereas the another employee did not. It was sometimes difficult because we had language barrier between us. I learned a few useful words for taking care of children.

Roosa Almila
I was working at the stable. My duties included leading horses to the fields and cleaning stalls. My day started at eight o’clock and ended at one o’clock. Lunch break was from 10-11. I really liked my work because I had a lot to do with horses. I think that it was interesting to work in English, even though none of the employees didn’t speak English very well.

Eevi Peiponen and Maria Ekman
We worked at Hotel Tivoli in the center of Osterholz-Scharmbeck. We got German hygiene certificate, which we did not need, because we didn’t work at the kitchen. We went to our work usually at eight o’clock, and the workday took usually about four hours. During the workday we set breakfast tables and helped to organize parties for about hundred persons. We cleaned the hotel areas, polished glasses, filled the  freezers etc. Our workday ended with a meal at the restaurant of the hotel. Working with English language was not a problem for us, even though only couple of the hotel staff spoke English.

Akseli Mattila
I worked in a restaurant called Nordsee, which was located in weserpark, Bremen. my work included making and filling the breads, working on the cash and cleaning up. My morning started usually refilling the fishdesk and other preparations. After a few workdays I learned how to use the cashmachine and I could sell somethings by myself. I learned how to communicate in german, but I had some communication problems working with some Russian grannies.

Sini Tossavainen
I worked for Tierarztpraxis Dr. Thomas Raschka in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany (http://tierarzt-ohz.de/index.php). My work consisted seeing how the vets and their assistants worked and helping them where I could. On their reception desk I stamped their business cards. When they got an order of new dog and cat food I helped to organize it. In the reception room for small animals I helped them with cleaning and took care of the rubbish after there were no more clients for the day. On the first couple of days i was with Dr. Meier seeing the cow farms to see cows and their calves. In the clinic I got to see castration of male cats.

Satu Tammekann
In Germany I worked in a primary school. My work tasks included for example helping children during lessons and looking after them when they were outside. I also helped teachers, organized different items and played with the children. My work started in the morning at 8:00am and ended at 2:00pm. For the most of time I followed the English teacher on his lessons. My work was interesting and nice although we didn't have a common language with the children.

Heta Ikonen
I was working at kindergarden. For example I played with kids, helped them to eat and looked after them at outside time. I also helped employees to clean up places and set the tables. Almost every adult could speak English but kids could not. Kids spoke with me anyway and I tried to answer them even I couldn't  speak German.  My job was really nice and employees were nice to me so I enjoyed my time there.  

Juha-Pekka Räsänen 
I was in the kindergarden primary school. I need to help students with school as good as I could. Teacher of class was only one who can speak English. We tried to communicate by hands with kids.

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