maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2012

Visitors from Germany! (in english)

Text and picture: Sannimari Suhonen 9g

Visitors from Germany!

In the beginning of February you could hear not only Finnish but also English and German; the students of the eight grade had exchange students from our twin school from Germany. Students of the ninth grade had also visitors who were in the international practical training here in Kuopio.

I made the interview of two German girls, Lisa Schneemann (15) and Kristin Lindemann (14). They both go to the ninth grade in German and were together in practical training in Kuopio English Kindergarten. It was also possible to go to German Kindergarten, but girls say that they wanted specifically learn more English which they have studied for six years.

They tell that they like children very much and have liked their workplace. “Kids are so cute: they draw us pictures and are always so happy when they see us.” The Girls say that the personnel in the kindergarten have also been very friendly and they don’t make up any bad things in their job.

Both of them have been once before in Finland: last year as exchange students. The first comment to the question “What do you think about Finland?” is of course: “Cold!”
“I love other cultures and I find interesting that there’s so big differences between countries”, Kristin says when I ask why they again came to Finland.

The most surprising comment in my opinion was that there’s delicious food here in Finland. Usually I have heard just opposite things… It was also really interesting that Lisa and Kristin think that people here are very friendly and opened. Have we Finns just made up ourselves the vision that we are reserved and uncommunicative?

How about “German disco”, what did girls think about that? “Oh, it was ok, but in Germany we have usually better discos.”  They say that compared to last year the lights were still better.

In their free time girls have gone shopping, tobogganed, Kristin has also played water polo and Lisa was in the match of KalPa. They have skated with kindergarten children, too.