maanantai 3. joulukuuta 2012

The Forest Side

Teksti: Aino Pesola 9c
Piirros: Meri Hyvärinen 9b

Let`s take a look to the forest side;
it was home of many guys an WIDE!
There lived a wolf and a fox and a little hare,
and a fat and pleasant polar bear.
The black bear was the sleepy one
and the wild bore loved to stay in the sun.
A  grizzly with two cubs used to live there too,
and a moose who was at least as big as you!
The squirrel had always some kind of peanut-business
and the flying flying squirrel took part in it often – more or less.
There was a friend to play with the caribou,
when the deer had no better things to do.
The coyote went to his lair quickly when a storm were near,
but more peaceful took an attitude the old and shy reindeer.
The last I`m going to talk about is a big and yellow cat;
it`s the lynx, you know, who usually just growled and sat.
This was a story of wildlife in the forest and its denizens,
now it`s over: I thank and smile and then it really ends.